Column sampler: efficient soil sampling technology

Client: Environmental consultancy company

Sector: Operation

Type of intervention: Geognostic surveys

Issue: an important Italian consultancy company working in the environmental field contacted our Operation team in order to perform some challenging geognostic surveys. The surveys were finalized to investigate a river section of 2 km length, where an oil spill took place. This investigation aims to define the real contaminant extent caused by the superficial water flow. 

What we proposed: We suggested our client to use a column sampler with Direct Push technology. After drilling with an appliance, it’s possible to fit a core barrel in the soil and collect undisturbed soil samples by using the liners (rigid plastic pipes) inside the core barrel. This technology allows us to evaluate the stratigraphic profile by investigating soil at a depth of 6 m.

How we act: our expert technicians performed a complete environmental investigation through the execution of 25 micro-surveys. Each micro-survey reached a maximum depth of 3 m from the ground level. Our expertise will enable our client to identify the real contamination extent along the river section; furthermore, we also managed to reproduce the local lito-stratigraphic layout.

The column sampler is a cutting-edge and efficient tool because of its manageability, speed of execution and low costs; moreover, it is very suitable for projects located in narrow and almost inaccessible areas.

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