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Sector: Commercial building construction


The project of a new strategic commercial building sited in the North of Trento was extremely challenging for the whole project team, due to the presence of a very shallow groundwater table (less then 2 meters). Furthermore, the stratigraphic evidence showed a fair shallow level, with poor geotechnical characteristics, combined with the need to charge the soil with relatively high loads. These two combined factors affected both the project and realization steps and required to be solved in the shortest and less expensive way.

What we proposed

Our Geoengineering team started its work focusing on two principal aims: project the most efficient foundation system and take care of the global costs for the construction

To reach this goal, an adequate number of geotechnical surveys were performed in the early stage of the project, and the most reliable geotechnical underground model was eventually framed. In detail, our surveys were aimed to:


  • Being acknowledged on the local stratigraphic asset, with the objective to find a better solution to the deep foundations (very expensive)
  • Get the elements to create a reliable groundwater model and project an efficient dewatering system to allow operations on a dry surface.

How we act

Starting from the surveys plan, we’ve personally supervised all the activities commissioned, managing the whole path from the beginning to the deadline, conducting subcontractors’ activities with a particular care to the forecast and final costs.

Consequently, through the most modern software we’ve carried out the geotechnical and hydrogeological modeling, getting the best achievements thanks to our deep knowledge and background in these fields. Furthermore, during the whole project’s development we’ve constantly supported our client, updating him on each achievement and giving a reliable return on the prosecution of the entire work.

Technical solution

To solve the groundwater issue, a tailored dewatering system was dimensioned and, as a consequence of the groundwater modeling performed, the WellPoint technique was chosen, because better fitted to the soil found. Besides, a system of high resistance sub-foundation gravel septum was implemented to solve the poor ground bearing capacity, reaching the goal to improve the geotechnical soil properties creating a hard-sub-foundation frame to bear the building loads. Thanks to our reliable solutions there was no need to implement the deep and expensive foundation solution (poles) allowing our client to save a consistent amount of money.

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