Gis & modflow integrated analysis

Groundwater have always been a valuable resource for the global development. Nevertheless, they can be challenging in the building construction sector, such as excavating below the water level. Indeed, this is not an easy task, because of the numerous complex variables which must be considered. … read more

Analisi ambientale Interbrennero Spa

Interbrennero SpA

Our client commissioned an environmental survey to detect hypothetic problems related to any kind of soil or groundwater pollution. Our client’s final aim was the construction of an industrial building in the norther area of Trento, named Interporto.

A day into the white

A day on the snow on the Altopiano del Lavarone (TN) turns into an opportunity to spend time with colleagues, to do sports, have eat good food, to take fresh air and why not, even a glass of wine.